Mathieu Gonin

Mathieu is from France, the land of cheese, wine and French gastronomy declared a “world intangible heritage” by UNESCO. Following the interest in Plants Biology from his young age, he got his Master in Tropical Plants Biotechnology in University of Montpellier. During his first year, Mathieu investigated the cellular processes controlling the unisexualization mechanisms of the date palm tree flower at CERD Djibouti and IRD Montpellier. Then, at LSTM in New Caledonia, he characterized the rhizobacteria of the endemic plants of ultramafic soil using heavy metal resistance and PGPR effects to use a subset in revegetation of degraded area. Later, during two years in Vietnam, he was working as a supervisor, and a plant biologist specialized in histology and functional genomics in rice. His work focused on root development and the genes involved in crown root development in rice. He did his PhD (2015-2018) in Plant Biology at IRD Montpellier with the CERES Team. His research focused on the functional study of genes regulated by the CRL1 transcription factor and involved in crown root initiation and development in rice. He can identify CRL1 DNA binding motif, and a group of genes regulated by CRL1, as well as showing the involvement of some of them in the rice root development. Being a plant molecular biologist, passionate about the root development in response to the environment and motivated to provide innovative and impactful research in Plant-Microbe interactions, Mathieu joined Gabriel’s group in Nottingham as a post-doctoral fellow in March 2020. His project aims to investigate the Plant-Microbe interactions and their impacts on root architecture.